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This website is not designed to be complicated or complex. 

Technology is fantastically useful when you know how to use it and frustrating when it goes wrong.  Whether you want to just have fun with it, or you are running a small business, it is a powerful tool to know about.  If you have invested in technology and want to know what you can do with it, then please make contact and let's have a conversation...

Digital Awareness

There are many social media platforms to explore.

Maybe you want to understand how they can be used.

Learn how to manage your computer.

Internet Safety and Security

How to simply manage your passwords.

How to backup your important data.

How to protect yourself from viruses.

How to recognise spam email.


Create a document and present it well.

Automate those repetitive tasks. 

Create one document and send it to many people.


Create a client database.

Manage your finances.

Charts and graphs.


Use Powerpoint to create engaging presentations. 

Video Calling


Microsoft Teams


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